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This witty comedy follows a hard-boiled private eye, Nick Holiday, as he searches for the truth about Santa Claus. With some steamy leads from a vixen of an elf, Nick hilariously navigates the underbelly of Christmastown to help solve his case; but not before a cast of characters including a shady used Christmas tree salesman, Santa imposters, and a couple of bumbling elf henchman try to foil his leads.

An engaging, heartfelt, not-so-ordinary day explored through the eyes of street-smart, 13-year-old Bo-Nita. This one-woman, tour-de-force dark comedy follows Bo-Nita’s story as she transforms into more than half a dozen family members and friends, trying valiantly, alongside her not-so-perfect mother, to make sense of her working-class, middle-American existence with humor, insight, and empathy.

A brilliantly written, “Twilight Zone”-esque dark comedy about a hopeful young couple who give birth to their pride and joy...a smudge. This sharp, comedic exploration of the very essence of unconditional love, acceptance, and beauty, is written by two-time Emmy Award-winner, Rachel Axler.  Axler’s play examines the question, “What are the limits of unconditional love?” with wit, insight, and humor.

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 Water Street Market
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